Ideas are what you start off with

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Every book was written started off, with only ideas in the author’s head. Your ideas could have come from something that was said in a conversation with his/her friends, something that she or he read, even from someone he or she saw in the street or from the newspaper. In fact, anything that makes you think of human experiences and emotions.

The way people react, their gestures to certain situations will give you, ideas of characters for your writings.


Over the next week, keep a list of ideas that you think could help you. These ideas come from:

  • Conversation
  • An argument
  • Remarks in Shops or Supermarkets
  • Films / T.V
  • Books
  • Dreams
  • A Crowd of children walking by
  • Newspaper
  • And any others you think of

Try for about fifty and keep the list safe

That’s just an example of what you could do, but I don’t want you to expand on your ideas yet.


  1. I gazed out of the window, noticing a young woman at the bus stop.
  2. I spotted the Collie dog who ran down to the crossroads and sat down on the pavement waiting for his master
  3. A couple of schoolboys walked past
  4. A woman walked by with two small boys on their scooters
  5. A man walked in the opposite direction

Now these were five ideas that came into my head as I looked out of my window and I included them in my book “Shattered Dreams”

I’ll show you some examples I used in the next post

Take Care


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