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We’ve touched on this broad idea of building a list. But that leads to a specific question. Namely: How, exactly, do you collect these email addresses so that you can start building your prospect mailing list?

Here are four popular ways…

Create a Squeeze Page or Landing Page

This is where you offer something valuable (such as a free e-book or e-course) in exchange for an email address. In this case, the entire web page is geared towards getting the person to join your list, meaning there aren’t extraneous links, ads or other information on the page.

For example, you might submit an article to an article directory which includes a link to read a related report. This related report is only available to those who join your mailing list.

If the only choice is to join the list to get access to something valuable or to leave the page, then this page is referred to as a squeeze page (because you’re “squeezing” visitors for their email addresses). For example, you might offer forum access, an e-book or even access to a sales letter only after someone gives you their email address.

Because creating a dedicated landing page with the sole purpose of collecting email addresses is such a powerful strategy, that’s what we’ll focus on for many of these lessons. However, you can and should incorporate some of these other email-collecting tactics, too. Read on…

Add Subscription Forms to Your Site/Blog

Every page of your website or blog should include a subscription form along with a call to action (where you tell people to join your list). In some cases, you might include a link to send people to your squeeze page. In other cases, you may just embed the subscription form directly on your site.

For example, your subscription form and call to action should appear in the sidebar of your blog (on every page). At the bottom of each article you may also include a link to your landing page with a call to action such as: “If you liked this article, you’ll love the full-length report which [insert benefits of report], click here to claim yours now for free!”

Collect Email Addresses on Facebook

You can set up a Facebook Fan Page and embed your subscription form directly into Facebook. Then you simply encourage all visitors and “fans” to join your list.

Embed the Forms into Sales Pages or Via Exit Pop-Ups

Another way to collect email addresses is by embedding your form on your sales pages (if have any). The danger, however, is that these forms just serve as a distraction and thus a sales leak which lowers the conversion rate. That’s because prospects could come to your sales page, see your newsletter offer, take advantage of it and then forget about ordering.

The good thing, of course, is that if they do indeed join the list, you can follow up with them and still close the sale. However, some prospects will join the list and leave your sales page… but then they won’t confirm their subscription. Or perhaps they entered a wrong email address, so they won’t get your email. Either way, they’ve left the sales page, before buying and you have no way to contact them.

The solution? Use an exit pop up. This is a window that pops up and pitches your newsletter offer ONLY when the person is leaving the sales page. Since the person was leaving, you’re not interrupting the sale or lowering the conversion rate. And yet you get a chance to capture the person’s contact info to help close the sale.

Again, you should be using all of these methods. Since the landing page is the most powerful and advanced method (with more steps involved), that’s what you’ll learn how to do in this course.

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