Expanded Idea

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Here are the examples we talked about post 6: Part 2

Expanded Idea – The bus came, the people at the bus stop got on and the bus continued on its journey into Glasgow.

Expanded Idea – I took another sip of my coffee and picked up the envelope, but thought twice about it and put it back down again. Had another sip of coffee before my eyes went to the sky beyond the window, and except for a couple of small clouds it was a clear blue with the sun shining through the trees, there was no wind, not even a slight breeze.

Expanded Idea – The Collie chased after it, picked it up in his mouth and took it back to his master, dropping the ball at his master’s feet. The dog then ran off and hid behind the same tree until his master threw the ball again then the whole process started again. The dog was also being watched by a couple of schoolboys who had been walking by, on their way to school.

Expanded Idea – There were also people out on their bikes and a small group of teenage girls were out running.

It was just another normal day for them.

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