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Since writing my book Shattered Dreams The Story Of My Life. In three volumes, I have written another six Crime Fiction books, four of them are Private Detective crime books. The paperback books and the e-books I have put them on kindle, Amazon.

Crime Fiction books

They are:

The Hitman
Brenda Johnstone is Missing
Judy Carstairs Has Gone Missing
Maureen Davis Missing Believed Murdered  
Doreen Cooper They Mean to Kill Her    
To Catch A Killer

More information on My Crime Fiction Books can be found here.

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From 2000 until 2008 I ran my own training company and wrote my own training programmes which included candidate manuals for self-help.
Since my retirement, in 2009, I have changed these manuals into, self-help books and Kindle e-books and I have also put them on

Self Help Books

They are called:

Learn Telephone Skills
Learn Assertiveness Techniques
How to Manage Your Time
Job Searching Skills 
How to Set and Achieve Your Goals
How to Deliver Good Customer Service
How to Communicate Effectively
How to Avoid Procrastination

More information on My Non-Fiction Self-Help-Books can be found here.

Please note: If anyone buys them they can let me know by email and I will provide them with a link so they can download the PowerPoint slides presentation free of charge.

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Clive Harman Lessons

Writing Your Book

Being dyslexic writing a book was not easy for me to write a book and after a few false starts, it took me two years to finished it. I called it Shattered Dreams The Story of my life and got it printed in 3 volumes of hardback books and gave them to my daughter.

Since I had it Printed many people have asked me, how I managed it and I started relaying odds bits and pieces to them. Once more my daughter said I should write a book of lessons on How to write your book. This time, after thinking about it, I decided I wouldn't write a book, but I would write posts on my Blog so anyone can read them without costing them money. I will be putting them into categories of "How to write your story, How to increase your productivity, and to help you market your book Help in article marketing and Help in growing your email list.
My Blog can be found here

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